Shine On

As my internship with Colle` Products is coming to an end, I am ready to take everything I have learned over the past six weeks with me, as new opportunities arise. My responsibilities with Colle` Products include maintaining social connections with other companies and the community through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Colle` Products has also helped me improve my communication skills through e-mail and the telephone, as well as the opportunity to gain experience in a professional office and learn what its like to engage with others that share the same interests as myself. I also conduct research regarding upcoming events that our company is interested in attending and being a part of. As well, I have also created a label for a new product.

Label that I createdOver the past semester this experience with Colle` Products has taught me so much. It has taught me to always be prepared for any job that is thrown my way, and to always be as organized as possible. With multiple people working on the same jobs it is very important to label each assignment properly so it is easy to access when needed, and so things do not get lost. Colle` Products has also taught be to always communicate with your co-workers. Everyone working for Colle` Products serves a very important position and one persons mistake can cause everything to be out of line, its like one big puzzle. Communication is definitely very important within this company. Overall this internship has given get an amazing experience and I cannot wait to use everything I have learned here as I continue my career in the advertising and communication field.

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