December 2018

Interning for a Start-Up Team

Hi! My name is Ashley Truong, I’m currently a junior studying Advertising still deciding on a concentration. This semester, I got the opportunity to intern for a small start-up team called DL Dating as a Digital Marketer. DL Dating’s objective is to launch its new dating app and as a digital marketer, I’m responsible for promoting the app by creating email campaigns, sending out email blasts to our potential target audience (mainly young adults/college students) and possible sponsors who could help us promote the app. Besides the app, we also have a website with blogs on topics related to dating and relationships. I used Hubspot to track website performance and traffic. This experience at DL made me enjoy working in a small-team because it’s much easier to form a bond with your team members/co-workers and communicate. It also made me have a desire to work with digital marketing, data and analytics as a future career. However, I felt like I wasn’t fully exposed to the advertising industry due to the fact that we didn’t have a physical office. We met a cafe and held our meetings weekly there along with doing work so I didn’t get to fully experience working in an ad agency or any physical office setting. This was the main factor that affected my experience but I still got a lot out of working for DL. I look forward to another internship where I can work for an actual ad agency or company with a suitable working environment.

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Temple "T"

Creating a New Merchandising system

My internship this semester has been with The Shades Co. The Shades Co. is a luxury sunglass specialty company with locations in seasonal areas, mainly across the Jersey Shore. On top of the administrative duties I am responsible for, I am also spearheading the development of a new merchandising system for the store. With this merchandising system , all stores will be laid out in the same way, allowing ease for employees who need to switch locations for a shift along with the customers who can easily find any frame at any given time in any of the locations. Another part of this is an auto reorder system. As most frames do not resell more than 4 times a day, the plan is to have at least 4 frames in stock at all times of the top models all season long. A trigger system will automatically reorder the frame and have it ready to be shipped to the store in about a day. This way, the display will always stay filled and able to be restocked with ease. Each frame in every store will be in the exact same (labeled) spot on the display. Doing this will not only make it easier for the employees to restock, but if there is a hole in the display, it is a good trigger to prove theft and check the cameras. This system also lays out a template for future stores to be planned. This model simplifies the process. All the company now has to do is find the storefront and buy the space. After that, the design team will be able to give the stores all the same layout within the display which allows for quicker expansion. This system will change the way people buy sunglasses. Since sunglasses are more of a “try it on” type of product, the majority of sunglass shopping is still done in store. This project I have taken on has been quite the tedious endeavor. I had to begin by going through every sunglass we sold in the reports, creating a large excel document with the item number, how many we sold, at what margin, give it a sell through grade, and rank it by what sold most. Not to forget, the lens color, size, polarization, and if it folds or not. This had to be done for 420 different ray ban models alone, along with all of the other brands the store sells. This process was not the most enjoyable assignment I have ever done, however I have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding on how exactly the buying process works, and can benefit a business financially.

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