A Small Step to a Bigger Future

Hello, I’m Raphael Gershman and I’m a senior in my final semester at Temple University.

Hello, I’m Raphael Gershman and I’m a senior in my final semester at Temple University. About three months ago I was given an amazing opportunity to become an Events & Marketing intern at Joonbug. Joonbug is one of the leading event planning companies in the Philadelphia area that has different locations all over the world. Over these past three months, I was assigned to work on several projects and assignments. This included bar crawls and special events such as, Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

When I got the internship at Joonbug I was thrilled! I have always aspired to work in the event planning aspect of the advertising and marketing field. Over the past few years while studying advertising, I’ve grown a passion for event planning. I knew I wanted to intern at a company like Joonbug because of previous experience planning large events for friends and family. I’ve gotten experience talking to vendors and venues, using social media to promote events, and run marketing campaign’s to enhance ticket sales. Additionally, in the office I was to update event calendars and consistently uphold the Joonbug social media event pages.

I really enjoyed the aspect of event planning as a whole, but through this internship I discovered that I’m more interested in event planning related to music events rather than entertainment events that are open to the public. My biggest inspiration at work is my boss, Sarah. She is very knowledgeable and has taught me so much about the industry. She has a lot of great work insights. She’s taught me the in’s and out’s of the company and was very patient with me and all the interns, who she took on board. Additionally, everyone at the office was very inspirational and is very hardworking. Most of the team stays late hours to make sure all there deadlines are met and all the projects are complete.

Before I started working for Joonbug I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect since this was my first internship. I thought that they would want me to be more knowledgeable about the field, but in fact all the employees and my boss were very kind, patient and willing to teach me all they knew about the industry. I feel as if I will be leaving this internship with more knowledge about the industry that I ever hoped for. If I had to change one thing about my internship it would have been more exposure to the sales side of event planning. I am also interested in the sales aspect of event marketing and planning.

Throughout my time at Joonbug, I gained an exceptional amount of knowledge about running proper event campaigns to increase attendance. I also had the chance to work hand in hand with venues to execute events to run smoothly. In the future I hope to use all my knowledge I gained from this job to succeed at my next job in the event planning industry.






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