I’m Samantha Morton, an advertising major at Temple University with a concentration in Art Direction. I decided to fulfill my internship requirement in the Dean’s Office of the Klein College of Media and Communication. Working as the Lead Graphic Design Intern for Klein College has taught me so many things, but what I’ve learned most is how to juggle multiple jobs at once and to advocate for myself.

Having to design almost every day for different tasks, I really thought I wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything. Designing and not really liking the outcome, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to speak up out of fear of not being understood, but I was wrong. Not only was I able to speak up and advocate for myself in a professional way, but I was able to build confidence within myself and gain more trust from my superiors.

This internship was really everything I wanted it to be and more. The one thing about this internship I wish I had done differently was pitch the ideas I had. The famous quote, “closed mouths don’t get fed” is true. If I would have spoken up I may have gotten an opportunity to showcase more of my talents, but I was too fearful of being turned down. Overall, the experience was something I enjoyed and it has prepared me for the real world. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to grow as a designer and look forward to sharing my ideas in the future.