Marketing Analytics: Not So Boring After All

Hey! I’m Joe and I’m the current Marketing Intern at Elite SEM. Elite SEM is a full service digital marketing agency providing services in Paid Search, Paid Social, CRM & Email, Shopping & Feed, Amazon & Marketplaces, Performance Display, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Creative Services, CRO, and Analytics & Marketing Science. My experience at Elite SEM has been nothing short of life-changing in just the short time I have been there. Due to the amount of trust, responsibility, freedom, and confidence I am given I have become a stronger player in the industry every day. As the marketing intern for Elite SEM I am responsible for various internal marketing strategies such as the maintenance and analytics of our various social media channels as well as managing and reporting for relationships with our Partners such as Google, Bing, and Tableau. Elite has pushed me to go after my passions at full speed and not look back. Due to this, I have become a strong advocate for internal marketing analytics and reporting and I want to share with others that data based decisions can help make important decisions and can be fun and interesting while doing so.


Internal marketing analytics has opened me up to the variety of possibilities that lie ahead. I believe that some of the most valuable insights come from data collected from social media and customer relationship management platforms such as SalesForce. The information gathered from these platforms are essential for making data informed decisions about your audience and partners in order to maintain healthy relationships as well as acquire new business and partners. Questions like ‘what do they need and more importantly what do they want’, ‘where do they become frustrated’, ‘what makes them come back and convert’, ‘where in the funnel do they drop off’, and ‘are your digital marketing efforts effecting in a negative or positive way’ can all be answered through data analytics. I would love to go deeper into how to use these platforms to make decisions, but I’ll leave it up to you to do some research and self learning. (I’ll also leave some resources down below.)


Gaining knowledge to answer questions like above can only come from immersing yourself in the problems through an internship. Ask questions, dig for more, assist higher ups and pick their brains about how problems are solved and how can can help solve those problems in a more efficient manner. Utilize tools that you normally wouldn’t have access to such as Tableau, SalesForce, and Google Analytics to leverage your thoughts with relevant and useful insights that are acquired through data. Data doesn’t lie, so look further into that social media data and impress your superior with data informed decisions on how you can acquire more customers and maintain the customers and partners you already have… What are you waiting for, get dirty with that data!


A few resources to grow your knowledge!

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