Klein Degree, STHM Experience

There are plenty of titles that I could use to introduce myself–Hannah Eadie, Temple University senior. Hannah Eadie, advertising major. Hannah Eadie, copywriter in training. But today I’m just going to explore my title as Hannah Eadie, marketing and communications intern at Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM).

If this internship taught me anything, it’s that I am so thankful for acronyms.

Jokes aside, I really wasn’t sure what to expect once I accepted the position. I had heard about the opening through a friend who had interned there before, and once I saw the position open on Klein Connect, I took my chance and applied. In less than a few weeks later, I had my first day on the job.

I never anticipated walking to my internship in less than ten minutes, but that’s the perk of interning on campus. At first, I felt like I felt like a man on the inside, being a Klein student among STHM faculty, staff, and peers. But I settled in quickly when my boss/mentor, Jamie Cann, Assistant Director of Marketing, gave me a tour and showed me to my very own desk. I was so excited about this experience after such a warm welcome that I started working right away.

The position implied that there was going to be plenty of writing on my agenda, and they did not exaggerate. Since my time at the beginning of September, I have written numerous blog posts, scripts for Facebook Live interviews, and even created some graphics. I’ve also had the opportunity to dip my toes in merchandising, and my all-time favorite, advertising. It’s been such a journey having the opportunity to broaden my skills and try new things that I never would have pictured myself doing. Jamie frequently invites me to different meetings, events and discussions that in turn become great networking and learning experiences.

It didn’t take long for Speakman Hall to feel like a second home. Jamie has been an incredible resource, always making sure to critique my work to strengthen my skills, as well as giving me the opportunity to work on advertising for upcoming enrollment. It’s been such a bittersweet experience working behind the scenes at a University that has given me such great experience and memories, I look forward to doing more with STHM in the upcoming Spring 2019 semester. As I prepare to graduate, I’ll be an asset in bringing in the next upcoming class.

Even though I may be a Klein student, I now will always have a piece of STHM in my heart.




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