Stepping out of the comfort zone

Starting my first internship was more terrifying than I had thought.

Starting my first internship was more terrifying than I had thought. It was not until the night before that I realized that I was going into a work environment not knowing how the company operates. I was first very intimidated before learning that the environment was very professional, but also a relaxed environment.

I interned at a start-up company. So, I worked alongside the founder. This was a learning experience for both of us. I was able to explore different tasks of advertising and marketing than I expected. Being the first and only intern my expectations were high.

I was excited to work one on one with my boss and to help get a small business brand awareness. Most of my tasks involved me researching and learning how to do new things. I was even able to learn how to sell on Amazon. There were many challenges that I faced to learn things such as, selling on Amazon, but I am glad that I was able to get the opportunity to learn something like that. The main thing that I enjoyed was working in such a small company compared to a big agency. I was able to bring brand awareness to one company making something that started as a small idea into an actual company. For the first month of work, the company did not have the product yet.

We were waiting for them to arrive in the U.S., so we focused mainly on trying to get pre-sales, which I found out is very hard when a business is not yet very known. The challenge was hard, but working with my boss we were able to bring in sales. With all of the accomplishments of the small business so far, I am happy to know that I helped them get to the point of where they stand currently.

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