Hi! My name is Ashley Truong, I’m currently a junior studying Advertising still deciding on a concentration. This semester, I got the opportunity to intern for a small start-up team called DL Dating as a Digital Marketer. DL Dating’s objective is to launch its new dating app and as a digital marketer, I’m responsible for promoting the app by creating email campaigns, sending out email blasts to our potential target audience (mainly young adults/college students) and possible sponsors who could help us promote the app. Besides the app, we also have a website with blogs on topics related to dating and relationships. I used Hubspot to track website performance and traffic. This experience at DL made me enjoy working in a small-team because it’s much easier to form a bond with your team members/co-workers and communicate. It also made me have a desire to work with digital marketing, data and analytics as a future career. However, I felt like I wasn’t fully exposed to the advertising industry due to the fact that we didn’t have a physical office. We met a cafe and held our meetings weekly there along with doing work so I didn’t get to fully experience working in an ad agency or any physical office setting. This was the main factor that affected my experience but I still got a lot out of working for DL. I look forward to another internship where I can work for an actual ad agency or company with a suitable working environment.