Interning for a Start-Up Team

Hi! My name is Ashley Truong, I’m currently a junior studying Advertising still deciding on a concentration. This semester, I got the opportunity to intern for a small start-up team called DL Dating as a Digital Marketer. DL Dating’s objective is to launch its new dating app and as a digital marketer, I’m responsible for promoting the app by creating email campaigns, sending out email blasts to our potential target audience (mainly young adults/college students) and possible sponsors who could help us promote the app. Besides the app, we also have a website with blogs on topics related to dating and relationships. I used Hubspot to track website performance and traffic. This experience at DL made me enjoy working in a small-team because it’s much easier to form a bond with your team members/co-workers and communicate. It also made me have a desire to work with digital marketing, data and analytics as a future career. However, I felt like I wasn’t fully exposed to the advertising industry due to the fact that we didn’t have a physical office. We met a cafe and held our meetings weekly there along with doing work so I didn’t get to fully experience working in an ad agency or any physical office setting. This was the main factor that affected my experience but I still got a lot out of working for DL. I look forward to another internship where I can work for an actual ad agency or company with a suitable working environment.


  1. Hi Ashley!
    I’m glad you had a great experience at DL Dating! I just finished my first internship at a start-up company so I can totally relate to this! I was able to learn different tasks and experience many things and I think that is one of the best thing about working at a startup company! I’m sure you will you do just fine at other workplaces too

  2. Hey Ashley!

    I hope all is well! It seems like your experience at DL dating was beneficial to your career growth and hopefully gave you an idea and some insight into what you like and don’t like about working for a small company. I am currently working for a startup as well, and totally understand where you’re coming from with the benefits of working with a small team and team bonding. It’s great being able to get to know your team and feel comfortable with coworkers. However, startups definitely have their pros and cons. It seems like overall you had a great experience though!

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