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Hello, everyone. My name is Lindsay Prizer and I am currently a senior in my last semester.

Hello, everyone. My name is Lindsay Prizer and I am currently a senior in my last semester. I have been a Brand Strategy intern at Finch Brands since this past August. I have learned a lot in my internship over the semester including different softwares like, Hubspot and Coschedle. Although I have had other internships throughout college, I am thankful to have gotten experience in an actual advertising agency. Working at Finch Brands has given me the experience I need to to work in an agency full-time after graduation. I have learned more about the dynamics of a medium sized agency and the basics of what each role does throughout the workday.

Before working at Finch Brands, I knew I wanted to work closely with clients and help them make their brands more successful. I did not know exactly which role I wanted to play in working with brands, but I knew I wanted to work with clients. After this internship, I want to work as a Brand Strategist or move into the field of Marketing.

What I really enjoyed about working at Finch Brands was the creative talent in the agency. Almost everyday there would be “brainstorm meetings” where we would sit in a conference room and all come up with ideas how to help a client. I really enjoy working with others and it was interesting to hear other people’s ideas. I hope wherever I end up working, they have similar sessions.

Before starting my internship I did not have many expectations. I try to not expect too much, because it almost never ends up being how you pictured it in the first place. After I interviewed with Annette, a manager on the Brand Strategist team, she basically told me what I would be working on day-to-day. I feel that she was very honest and gave me a good overview of my role. Something that I wish I had done differently was get closer to the CEO and President. As interns, we did not have much interaction with them as they were normally in their offices working independently. I have heard great things about both of them from my network. I believe they could have made a big impact on my experience and it would have been nice to connect with them for future recommendations.

Through this internship, I’ve gained experience and knowledge on agency life that I can use to my advantage in interviews and in my career. Since I was given so many different projects at once, I was able to learn how to better prioritize my work which was something I needed to work on since I am a very detail oriented person. Overall, I am really grateful for my experience at Finch Brands and hope others get a similar experience to me.

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  1. Lindsay, I thought it was very interesting reading about your experience at a branding agency. Personally, I haven’t had any agency experience yet, but it sounds like you really enjoyed your time at Finch Brands. It seems like working with clients is an awesome experience that you really liked. In the future I hope to work one on one with clients. I also felt like I was given a lot of projects at my internship that I had to prioritize and balance. I wish you the best with your future endeavors!

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