Analyst Turned Strategist

Hello, my name is Breanna Pegula and I am a digital media intern at Grouptwo in Center City.

Hello, my name is Breanna Pegula and I am a digital media intern at GroupTwo in Center City. GroupTwo specializes in advertising for home builders. Every time I begin a new internship, there is always a new set of challenges that intimidate me.

When I accepted this internship, I felt nervous that they would have unrealistic expectations because my previous internship was at a well known digital marketing agency. Fortunately, this was not the case.

On my first day, I explained that I was still a beginner in GoogleAds and that I would have many questions along the way. GroupTwo always encouraged me to ask questions. Over time, my “how” questions became “why” questions. Throughout my internship, I became more confident navigating GoogleAds and developed a strong understanding of the strategy behind each task.

GroupTwo always gave me room to grow and improve. Most of my daily routine revolved around strategizing ad copy for expanded and responsive search and display ads to increase ad rank. I also targeted ads to consumers by geofencing, IP address, and creating custom intent audiences.

In Google Analytics, I set remarketing audiences to consumers, who previously visited the website. I assisted in reporting by pulling ad spend and campaign success metrics. I have learned so much from this exposure to GoogleAds.

I found that I am more interested in the strategy of creating a campaign than analyzing the campaign. This realization will lead me to seek a career in research, strategy, and branding upon graduating in May 2019.


  1. Hi Breanna! Your experience at GroupTwo seems great that it prepared you for a potential career! I am also seeking a career in brand strategy and research! Good luck upon graduation and getting your desired future job!

  2. Hi Breanna! I can definitely relate to that nervous feeling you described. But it sounds like you’ve learned a lot and the work you’re doing is impressive. From my own experiences, I’ve found internships are helpful in deciding what career path to take – I’m happy to hear this experience has done that for you also. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hey Brea! I love when you said “my “how” questions became “why” questions”. That shows so much growth! Reading about your experience gives me the confidence to try things out and put my best foot forward. Being that we are in Brand, Strategy and Research class together, I think that being an analyst turned strategist makes perfect sense for you!

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