Independent Intern

Hello! My name is Camilla Reimer and I am a senior majoring Advertising with a concentration in Art Direction. This fall I interned at New York Life Insurance as a social media intern. While there, I worked on various social media posts for Linkedin and Facebook accounts in order to grab the attention of potential new clients.  

My experience with New York Life Insurance was great. My favorite part was that I was able to learn something new every day. In addition to social media posts, I was able to gain experience doing email marketing. I was able to expand our client base using my knowledge in social media and combining it with my networking skills. I was able to work independently, and in turn that helped to build my confidence when working with clients.

In the beginning I was nervous, because the duties involved in the position were entirely new to me. However, overall I am thankful for this internship. This experience was great, and in the end my time there made me a more confident person both professionally, and in my work. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me, and I am looking forward to graduation!

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