July 2011


Things seemed to plateau during the middle of my time at MayoSeitz Media, but sure enough, things began to get challenging again. And I mean really challenging! Especially for an intern who was used to making prelog spreadsheets and filing invoices!

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Philly mag!

I currently am interning for Philadelphia magazine, and although I have not stayed on top of my blogs, I actually have been working there since the beginning of May. I work as a sales intern, but my major job is being the Design Home intern. Every September, Philadelphia magazine premiers a new home (the Design Home) located on the main line. Top technology, amenities, designs, etc. are placed in the house and each year over 5,000 people come for tours benefitting the Ronald McDonald House. The home is also presented in the magazine as well as the Design Home microsite. My role is to gather all of the materials from clients sponsoring in Design Home, work directly with my supervisor and the web designer, and ultimately create a virtual tour on the Design Home microsite. It becomes an experience for the viewers going to the site to tour the home as well as learn about all the products and clients working on the project. You can check 2010’s virtual tour here https://www.phillymag.com/design_home/2010/index.html.

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Trial By Fire

My name is Lauren Zintz and I have been interning at Katz Media Group (more specifically Katz Marketing Solutions) for a while now. What the department I work for does is figure out creative ways to use radio for clients from Comcast to Lincoln. I used to think working almost exclusively in radio was going to be boring and wordy, KMS adds a new spin to a seemingly old media.

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The D-R Watts Show

One of WMCN’S most unique features is it’s live Direct-Response program featuring Dr. David C. Watts, a professional cosmetic surgeon. With an audience of up to 2.5 million possible viewers, “Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers with Dr. Watts” discusses cosmetic and plastics surgery topics from rhinoplasty to liposuction and breast reduction. The show has been airing for over 15 years, and Dr. Watts never misses a beat. During the half hour program, 28:30 to be exact,  whether he is answering a plastic surgery question or simply explaining a procedure, Dr. Watts always keeps momentum.

Being a part of the production of a Direct Response program has truly been rewarding. It is really something to witness Dr. Watts and his father, co-producer, walk into the station five minutes before the show is about to air, chat about the latest sports news, and then conduct a half hour program as if it took place in their own living room.

D-R TV is a great marketing tool because through the show Dr. Watts promotes free consultations and provides his web address as well as locations and telephone numbers for his five practice locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Direct-Response also makes it easy to track ROI simply by measuring how many consultations and procedures came from viewers of the program.

According to WMCN’s website, Direct Response Television is supposed to increase by a total of 5% this year. From what I have been learning through my internship, a lot of larger companies are utilizing D-R TV and infomercials simply to try something new. Infomercials have high success rates, and in a changing media environment, they may see larger numbers in years to come. From a standpoint of campaign tracking and customer interaction they appear to be a wise decision for many companies.

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The End of the Beginning.

And so the end is near, of my internship that is.

The other day I was able to sit in on an interview with a prospective intern.  Little did I know, she was here to replace me.  It was this day that I really started to feel the end.  Working at March of Dimes really allowed time to slip away without noticing.  In that time though, there was an experience I will never forget.  I had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the most talented community directors in Pennsylvania.  Watching them enjoy their job only made me want to join their team as soon as I could.  They let me take some of the reins on projects such as what we now call “Celebrity Task Force,” where I would try to contact celebrities to attend our event as a celebrity sous chef.  That was quite exhilarating and unexpected.  Being able to earn their trust and respect was most definitely the best accomplishment from my time at March of Dimes.

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Bucks County Visitor’s Center

I’ve been with the Bucks County Visitor’s Center for about a month now and my experiences continue to help me grow in the copywriting field.  I said before I have been working on the Destination Guide for the county and I am just about to wrap up the rest of my content pieces.  It is really exciting to see my big project coming closely to an end and I am really happy with the looks of the final product.  I have a big meeting with Oxford Communications this Thursday with my boss and together we are all going to figure out the layout of the guide and edit the twenty something content pieces I have written.  I can not wait to see what we come up with!

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Doing Big Things

Earlier this week, I completed my work on a blooper reel for the CW Philly Crew (4 ‘young’ people that represent the CW Philly at promotional events). It was a great project for me to work on because it was completely mine. Although I didn’t actually film the shots, I had to find all the footage on the original discs, upload the clips I needed, edit the clips, build the graphics, and edit the final piece. This project allowed me to learn how to use Adobe After Effects and how to edit with it. After Effects is a great program for editing with graphics and video. It’s like Photoshop on steroids, and I think everyone who wants to be involved with TV, commercials, or the film industry should know how to use this application.

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Welcome To Showbiz

Although I’d like to be at an agency some day, interning at CBS3 has been very rewarding so far. Apart from the fun of going out on shoots to places like Hershey Park, the atmosphere and coworker interaction has been great. Everyone is willing to answer any questions I might have and include me in everyday operations. There’s no doubt that the skills and insights I’ve learned so far will help me in any job I have in the future.

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Bucks County Visitors Center

Now that my internship is coming to an end I am feeling very satisfied with my experience.  Contrary to my belief it was so much more than being the office coffee and food runner.  I had the opportunity to work in all the different departments throughout my time there and experience a lot of new things.  It is also really rewarding to see all of my writing end up in the Destination Guide.  My boss was always really helpful too and he was constantly asking what other kinds of experience I would like to get before I leave so that I feel well rounded in the business.  I am really happy with my experience and cannot wait until the 2012 issue of my guide comes out to the public.  I think it will be a bit surreal to see my writing out there for everyone to read.  This internship was truly an experience of a life time.

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Philly2Night Farewells

I am finishing up my last week at Philly2Night, and it’s bittersweet.  I had a great experience there and I’m satisfied with how I got to spend my time working for the company.  Looking back, it’s crazy to see how many doors this one internship has opened for me.  I not only got to refine my skills in social media, but I got to take bits and pieces of information from everyone’s roles in the operation at Philly2Night.  I also met a ton of people to network with, and even got another job.  I say that my last week is bittersweet because I have gained so much from my internship and don’t want to leave, but I am seriously excited about having some time off this summer.  I always say that every experience is a learning experience (to myself…cliches are embarrassing) but I found out how to manage my time better and when to actually stop working!

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Social Media Specifics

I am a few weeks into my internship at Philly2night, working as a social media intern.  If anyone isn’t already familiar, Philly2night is a nightlife/food/drink/happy hour/local event resource.  So far I have been learning how to perfect my social media skills.  The biggest struggle I have had so far is trying to figure out a way to break through the clutter we all so frequently face while using any social media platform.  However, I was given a ton of great insight about the statistics behind online postings.  For example, what times are best for posting, using a word economy, and captivating your audience.  While working at Philly2night and posting for them, I learned how to speak the the “voice” they had been using to generate a fan base in order to keep consistency.  Another part of my job has been working at VIP events that they have been hosting around the city, getting feedback, and trying to sign up new members.  It has been a great opportunity for me to meet with people and also get feedback on the work we have been doing pertaining to advertising for the VIP program.  I like the idea of reaching out to our audience via social networking, and getting to meet them in person to see how they react to it.  So far, my experience has been great and I am grateful for the opportunity I have with my internship!

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Miles High Productions – Halfway

I have completed four weeks worth of work for Miles High Productions, now working on over eight different entertainment campaigns, including Toby Keith’s new alcohol campaign “WildShots”,  an up and coming female electronica artist “Natalie Walker”, and a Chicago rock festival “MOB Fest”. Having the ability to work with various forms of campaigns (musicians, events,  new products) is giving me a closer look at different marketing strategies for online social media. The strategies that I would use in order to market an upcoming musician is far different from marketing a product campaign, even if I am using the same social networking websites. An example of this would be working on Twitter.com, marketing both the Chicago MOB fest and Toby Keith’s Wild Shot campaign. Even though Twitter.com allows users only a few main functions, which is to follow other accounts and tweet updated statuses, there are still many various approaches in order to market your product correctly.

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Crash, Burn and Victory

My internship at WMCN, an independent television station outside of Atlantic City, NJ, has given me a great opportunity to observe and be a part of the television industry. Though most of my days consist of close captioning local infomercials or shadowing the editing process, about two weeks into my internship I had the chance to be part of a three man crew at a infomercial shoot at a car dealership, The Jeff Dambrossio Auto Group, in Downingtown, Pa.

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I recently read today that 1 in 10 pets have some type of social networking profile.  On Facebook, 14% of dog owners have made a profile for their pet.  So here at Philly2Night, I wonder how many dogs I have invited to open bars around Philadelphia.  Not to be disconcerted, I’d like to look on the positive side of this interesting phenomenon. Perhaps it means we are getting more and more comfortable with the way we use the internet as a form of communication.  I see a difference in a way we live through the internet these days.  I think it’s safe to say there is definitely less separation between self and social networking, as our lives begin to mesh together.  So what does this mean as a social media intern?  More jobs, hopefully.  Maybe one day I’ll see myself doing online PR for pets.  Or on a more serious note, building a greater and more personal online presence for brands.  I have certainly seen it here at Philly2Night, and am more interested to see how other companies have evolved to suit the needs of their social media efforts.

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The fast paced day-to-day at an ad agency leaves no time to use complete sentences.  Thats why the industry has coined a slew of acronyms to streamline communication.  This is a cheat sheet I’ve complied in my time at SAY Media- you’re welcome.

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