Things seemed to plateau during the middle of my time at MayoSeitz Media, but sure enough, things began to get challenging again. And I mean really challenging! Especially for an intern who was used to making prelog spreadsheets and filing invoices!

I began to get long-term assignments directly from my internship coordinator! This was the first time I was working right alongside her and she did not slow down one bit for me! She of course showed me how to do things, but never doubted my ability to complete tasks I had just learned and expected me to catch on quickly. The first day we met, I was a little taken off guard. At that time, I recently had been coasting through work because everything had become very easy for me. I was unexpectedly asked to do most of the initial research for a project, of which I had never done before.  All of a sudden, I was supplying one of the most significant employees with her research to evaluate advertising placement for a client. I was asked to use research tools and send out emails, take calls…no big deal.

Although this work is more challenging, I prefer it. The more challenging the work, the more interesting it is. Now, when asked to do trivial tasks, I really don’t enjoy it because I have had the opportunity to do much more. Projects and assignments  have become much more important and demanding. In fact, two different employees working on the same plan for a client both asked me to do all of their research for them. When we all went in to the meeting, they just talked about their evaluations of the research I had accomplished. It felt good.Some assignments given to me are equivalent to work given to the entry level media assistants who work here, which makes me really wish that I could work here!

I must add that I am very impressed with the internship program at the office. Although it appears as though they do not put much thought into making sure my internship is a success, that must not be the case!  All of the assignments, opportunities, and helpfulness at the office has given me one of the best internship experience anyone could ask for! My abilities have progressed from day one and continue to do so with guidance from the employees at MayoSeitz. Whether they have planned it or not, I’m really getting a valuable experience from my time here!


Just a little insight….

I have realized over the course of my internship that making or taking phone calls is NOT SO terrible, if you know what you are talking about! In the very beginning when I was asked to speak on the phone, I felt very uncomfortable and stumbled over my words because I really had no clue as to what I was talking about or how to answer any of the questions being asked over the phone. Now, although sometimes I do not know the answer, I have learned and exercised what to say to direct the person towards an answer. Plus, I know a lot more than I did when I first started; hence I sound more knowledgeable and educated!



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