Social Media Specifics

I am a few weeks into my internship at Philly2night, working as a social media intern.  If anyone isn’t already familiar, Philly2night is a nightlife/food/drink/happy hour/local event resource.  So far I have been learning how to perfect my social media skills.  The biggest struggle I have had so far is trying to figure out a way to break through the clutter we all so frequently face while using any social media platform.  However, I was given a ton of great insight about the statistics behind online postings.  For example, what times are best for posting, using a word economy, and captivating your audience.  While working at Philly2night and posting for them, I learned how to speak the the “voice” they had been using to generate a fan base in order to keep consistency.  Another part of my job has been working at VIP events that they have been hosting around the city, getting feedback, and trying to sign up new members.  It has been a great opportunity for me to meet with people and also get feedback on the work we have been doing pertaining to advertising for the VIP program.  I like the idea of reaching out to our audience via social networking, and getting to meet them in person to see how they react to it.  So far, my experience has been great and I am grateful for the opportunity I have with my internship!

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