The End of the Beginning.

And so the end is near, of my internship that is.

The other day I was able to sit in on an interview with a prospective intern.  Little did I know, she was here to replace me.  It was this day that I really started to feel the end.  Working at March of Dimes really allowed time to slip away without noticing.  In that time though, there was an experience I will never forget.  I had the pleasure of working with and learning from some of the most talented community directors in Pennsylvania.  Watching them enjoy their job only made me want to join their team as soon as I could.  They let me take some of the reins on projects such as what we now call “Celebrity Task Force,” where I would try to contact celebrities to attend our event as a celebrity sous chef.  That was quite exhilarating and unexpected.  Being able to earn their trust and respect was most definitely the best accomplishment from my time at March of Dimes.

As I begin to wind down, my supervisor so kindly has offered me a chance to shadow her the night of the event. I also encourage anyone that wants to experience a wonderfully delicious night to look into volunteering as well.  March of Dimes is a wonderful non-profit organization with a respected mission, to prevent prematurity and birth defects of newborn babies.  This mission is now something I will pay my respects and volunteer my time towards, when I can.

I know I am walking away from this internship with a greater understanding of non-profit organizations and how they successfully run.  I could not thank my supervisor, Joanne Marder, enough for the important skills I learned while working with her.  It is because of Joanne that I am no longer afraid to order take out via the telephone.

So it’s been fun March of Dimes, but it’s time for my next journey.



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