Trial By Fire

My name is Lauren Zintz and I have been interning at Katz Media Group (more specifically Katz Marketing Solutions) for a while now. What the department I work for does is figure out creative ways to use radio for clients from Comcast to Lincoln. I used to think working almost exclusively in radio was going to be boring and wordy, KMS adds a new spin to a seemingly old media.

When I first started here, it was very hectic as we were kind of thrown into the daily routine of the department. However, my supervisors were very good about giving direction and suggestions and helping me learn what was going on. At this point, I work on proposals that are sent to clients and definitely feel like I am contributing to what goes on here.

Although I decided that I wanted to be involved in the more visual aspects of advertising, this internship has given me an opportunity to be creative. In fact, I’ll be working on an intern project where I oversee a project from start to finish and have complete creative freedom (more on that to come!).

Let’s see what comes next…

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