I recently read today that 1 in 10 pets have some type of social networking profile.  On Facebook, 14% of dog owners have made a profile for their pet.  So here at Philly2Night, I wonder how many dogs I have invited to open bars around Philadelphia.  Not to be disconcerted, I’d like to look on the positive side of this interesting phenomenon. Perhaps it means we are getting more and more comfortable with the way we use the internet as a form of communication.  I see a difference in a way we live through the internet these days.  I think it’s safe to say there is definitely less separation between self and social networking, as our lives begin to mesh together.  So what does this mean as a social media intern?  More jobs, hopefully.  Maybe one day I’ll see myself doing online PR for pets.  Or on a more serious note, building a greater and more personal online presence for brands.  I have certainly seen it here at Philly2Night, and am more interested to see how other companies have evolved to suit the needs of their social media efforts.



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