An Interesting Way to Sell Advertising Dollars at WPHT

As a sales intern for Talk Radio 1210am WPHT, I have learned the many different ways that WPHT has to sell advertising space.  WPHT sells ad space on-air during their talk radio programs; they sell banner space on, and also offer local deals on, which is a type of coupon system for local businesses.   I see these as your average and most common type of advertising for a radio station but what I never thought about for radio advertising was hosting events and selling advertising space at the event to your clients.  WPHT is hosting an event on July 25, 2011 at the Union Trust Steak House in Philadelphia with special guest Ann Coulter who is a popular conservative another.  WPHT sold out the entire steak house for this book signing event and then sold booths to advertising clients.   I think this is a brilliant idea because not only are you selling advertising space outside the radio waves but also because it gets 1210 WPHT out in the public eye.  Before I started interning here, I never thought of a radio station hosting a book signing event to sell advertising space at the event to clients.   Check out the website if you are interested more in WPHT events or Ann Coulter.


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