My Arbitron

With over a month done of my sales internship at Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, I am happy to say that I am finally doing real work and enjoying it.  From my experience so far, I have found that sales is one of the most hectic professions in the business world.  That is why I have found myself doing much of the research work for potential and existing clients because the other sale associates just do not have the time to explore the web and build excel spreadsheets.  My main tool has been which is a research company which collects listener data for radio.   So I spend a majority of my day searching through Arbitron’s immense database for quantitative data for clients that my fellow associates give me.  Most quantitative searches included household finance, education, and household income.  Yet it all varies depending on what type of business the client is in.   It is not the sexist job in the world but I learn a lot about Arbitron and I’m helping WPHT in providing its clients with a much more in-depth look at what our radio station can provide for them.


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