The fast paced day-to-day at an ad agency leaves no time to use complete sentences.  Thats why the industry has coined a slew of acronyms to streamline communication.  This is a cheat sheet I’ve complied in my time at SAY Media- you’re welcome.

  • GSC: Global Sales Call – This is when all the company employees and big wigs get on a conference call to discuss weekly and monthly goals.
  • ATS: Average Time Spent
  • EOD: End Of Day – What we all work towards.
  • CSM: Client Service Manager
  • DAA: Digital Advertising Alliance – https://www.aboutads.info/
  • CMO: Chief Media Officer
  • IMP: Impressions – being served brand content regardless if you acknowledge it or not.
  • CTA: Call To Action
  • RFP: Request For Proposal – What a potential client will send to multiple ad sellers so that they can understand what each will offer to fulfill their needs.
  • IO: Insertion Order – When a RFP is given the green light an Insertion Order is submitted that details exactly what the new campaign will accomplish and how much it will cost.
  • UX: User Experience
  • SOV: Share Of Voice- total percentage of what a brand possesses in a given niche.
  • ABC: Always Be Closing- every interaction is an opportunity to make a sale.
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicators- what a client hopes to accomplish with our ad unit, for example drive up clicks to site.
  • CTS: Clicks To Site
  • CPE: Cost Per Engagement
  • Mani Padi: Manicure and Pedicure- clients loved to be pampered.
  • RON: Run Of Network- The span our list of sites can reach.
  • WOM: Word Of Mouth
  • CPG: Consumer Packaged Goods- example oreos.

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