July 2012

Learning to Wrangle

This semester I had a creative internship at Red Tettemer + Partners. It came as a total shock because I won the internship at a Philly Ad club event. Definitely go to some if you get the chance! I was beyond thrilled because I had visited the agency in the fall on an agency crawl and I immediately wanted to work for them. Their atmosphere and their culture is so fun and unique and the work they do is really impressive. Just this past year they did their first Super Bowl ad for Century 21.

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Learning to invest and build for the future!

Good afternoon everyone, this is Rob, Marketing Intern at Vertex, Inc.   Over the course of this internship there are many things I have learned about myself, the business/corporate world, as well as grasping in depth marketing concepts.   However, none of these things to me outweigh what I have learned about setting myself up properly for my future life ahead of me.  The biggest contributing factor to this is familiarizing myself with the power of investing at a young age and building a money making portfolio before I ever hit the working world.   The person that introduced this lesson to me is my current boss and supervisor, Dick Epplemen.   Mr. Epplemen from day one sat myself and another intern down and showed us the power and the importance of investing while we are young so our money and investments can compound.

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Final Internship Thoughts

This is my final week interning at Skai Blue Media. Over the last couple of months I have found myself growing as a graphic designer and as a person. There have been many challenges following this internships, deadlines, edits, etc. It has taught me a lot about being in a busy business setting where things need to be done and close to perfect in a snap. That is something that you need to be thrown into in order to learn. Sure we have deadlines at school but they are not as harsh as in the business industry. Sometimes things will come up and need to be done within the hour. That is when you need to buckle down and learn how to think on your toes. It is an important skill to have and I am glad I have been forced to learn how to act quickly and thrive in a fast paced business setting. I definitely applaud all of the people in the office that I had the pleasure of working with because they are constantly busy, no matter what. There’s always something to do, always something coming up, and they handle themselves very well and always succeed in the end. I am so happy that I took this internship and got to meet the people that I did, and got to help them as much as I could. In the end that was all I wanted, I wanted to help them as much as they were helping me. I will miss working at Skai Blue Media but my experiences there will definitely push me to excel at my next internship or job! Below are some of my favorite pieces I have worked on here at Skai Blue:

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Sports and Creativity Do Mix!


The Giant screen at Xfinity Live!

I recently received the opportunity to intern at Xfinity Live!, a new and upcoming sports entertainment venue. Inside, there are 5 different restaurants, a shop, ice cream, and even a few bars! Inside, an enormous television overlooks the venue, with many other TV’s that surround it. Xfinity Live! has an incredible atmosphere, and I work in the center of it all, a DJ booth.

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Behind The Scenes Of The Radio World

decorating the office!

I have recently started an internship with Wired 96.5. I work under the on-air DJ Casey. I assist and help organize on-air activities, contribute to social media communications, keep up with general office duties as required, and even attend and operate special events. My favorite part so far was working at Wired Fest. It was very interesting seeing from an outside perspective how those watching the show act, rather than being one of them. It gave me a lot of laughs.

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Writing What You Don’t Know

I’m a geek. I like comic books, being a movie critic, playing video games, and reading about the recent misadventures of Lindsay Lohan. Ask me to write about any of that stuff and I’ve got you covered. Even though I played sports until college, I was never really invested in major sports teams. So when my boss asked me to write blogs about Hunter Pence from the Philadelphia Phillies and his “Let’s Go Eat!” campaign, needless to say I wasn’t very excited. I don’t follow the Phillies, and didn’t know where to start. I feel like this could be a problem with a lot of young copywriters. Sure we like to write, but there are topics that don’t interest certain people. So how do we deal? Working at Hashtag Multimedia taught me a few ways to conquer writing about stuff you don’t know.

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Hashtag Multimedia – Learning for the Future

My name is John  Favinger and have been working in the town of Narberth Pa. as an intern. At  Hashtag Multimedia, I found out that there is more to advertising then just coming up with print ads. I’m on the copywriting track for advertising and was only looking to create ads with interesting headlines and information. However, after working with Hashtag, I realized that there are many different aspects of the business that copywriting can take me. I’ve worked with blogs, social media content, press releases, emails, and dialogue for commercials. Writing takes part in every function of the company, which showed me how important my job will be when I’m out in the real world. I was challenged to come with creative and interesting styles of writing to get the audiences attention which I found was a lot harder than one would think. I feel much more comfortable now writing on a variety of topics, and am better prepared for my next internship.

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Skai Blue Media

When I started my search for internships, I thought that I knew exactly where I wanted to be working. I thought that I only wanted to get experience at ad agencies in particular and didn’t realize all of the other opportunities that could teach me so much. I started my internship at Skai Blue Media which is a full service PR agency where I act as their graphic design intern. Everyday that I work I have creative graphic projects to work on including invitations for events, posters, lower thirds for videos, banners for websites, fashion look books, logos, anything you can think of. For example above, I designed that email header for the fashion showroom upstairs. For some reason I did not think that I would be doing so many different things, and things that I really enjoy creating. I am proud of the work that I have done for the company and they really like all of my work as well. I am not only expanding my portfolio but am learning a lot about business and the industry. It is really important to not limit yourself to one specific field because you never know what might be right for you. I was ready to completely nix the idea of applying for a PR graphic design internship but I am very happy at my internship and am learning so much. I work in a very creative environment which is extremely helpful. I have found that being around people who are creative allows me to express myself freely and come up with better ideas than I thought I could!

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This week I was asked to create a campaign for the GoldFather, a cash for gold place around Baltimore area. I was eager to get started, so first thing I did was brain storm words that have the word Gold in it. I came up with the idea that a guy would come into the shop with strange things that aren’t gold but have the word in it. The first ad I wrote started off  with a guy walking into the store and upon being greeted he says he needs some quick cash for Gold and asks “how much can I get for this?” and then puts a clear bowl on the counter with a goldfish swimming in it. The guy behind the counter says “sir that is a gold fish…..not gold.” The guy enthusiastically says “playing hard ball huh? Ok well then how much can I get for these” and pulls out a bunch of flowers and holds them out as if he were giving them to him. The clerk then says ” Sir those are Marigolds… a flower….also NOT gold.” The guy is upset because he needs the money and says “what am I going to do now? I need cash for (insert special occasion)” and as he is speaking the camera zooms in slightly on his teeth and a gold tooth sparkles. The clerk smerks, and the final scene is the guy with a big smile missing his front tooth with a hand full of cash. I presented the idea to my head creative and she loved it. I was very happy that I’ll be able to add a commercial that is actually produced to my portfolio. This internship has helped me grow into a better creative copy writer and I’m sad to see it end so soon.

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Thank God I Quit

My name is Andrew DuBoe and am currently working as an intern at JM&A.  This new internship has been everything that I had imagined it would be. I could have been done school 8 months ago if I had just stuck with my social media internship I had last fall. However, it was a miserable job. I sat at the computer screen on twitter and facebook and was expected to look up what was trending and post things like “did you know today is national eat a hoagie day? Join us at blah blah blah for a 15% off your hoagie purchase”. Every day was like that, it was a insult to my intelligence for one and an absolutely terrible experience. The second week in I decided to pursue a different internship and quit that one. That led me to a road block and I could not get one for months. Granted I wasn’t trying as hard as I could be  since I was already working all the time to pay all of my expenses.When I finally got it together I went to Baltimore to interview for the job and Ray Rice the running back from the Baltimore Raven was hanging out in the studio.  I got the internship in Baltimore at Jackson Marketing and Advertising it was a small agency but for some reason I just felt like I would learn so much and benefit from it more than I would at a larger agency where they filter interns in and out.  So far I have had the opportunity to create and write ads that are playing on radio and television right now and write copy for print ads that are filtering around baltimore area. However, my family lives in PA so no one in my family can see or hear them. I have also had the opportunity to attend networking events with open bar and buffets where I could have met my future boss since I received a lot of business cards. I’ve sat in on live television news reports and visited NBC studios to see previews for their 2012 fall line-up. They were trying to convince us why we should play our commercials on these certain programs. I have learned so much and been a part of so much at this agency and it has been so much more beneficial to my career than my last hellternship.

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