The beginning of my internship.

Starting at the end of May, I’ve gotten an internship at Defined Clarity. In the beginning of my internship at Defined Clarity, I was working as a researcher. I loved the atmosphere of the business, and everyone I was working with was very friendly. My job was to search for teachers’ emails and information so our head department leaders could contact them and inform them about the product we were trying to sell, which is Lessonsmith. Lessonsmith and Defined Clarity are two companies combined in one, but Defined Clarity dealt more with sales and marketing, while Lessonsmith was the specific product designed for teachers.

I was the only intern for the first two weeks of working at Defined Clarity so my research and position was a heavy work load and an important part of the business. After these two weeks, Defined Clarity gained two more interns whose jobs were similar to mine in research, making my responsibility split amongst 3 people. I didn’t have less work, but I did have a partner who worked along side of me for confirmation in one another’s work. Overall, researching was boring, but needed because it was the start of any business strategy like it is for many businesses.

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