Best Practices at Practice

Hello all, my name is Jose Martinez and I am currently interning at Lorel Marketing Group in King of Prussia. I came in as a production and pre-production intern working directly with Dawn Flook, the Production Director there and her production team. While working with Dawn and the production team I had the opportunity to apply my eye for detail and knowledge of the Adobe design suite and more specifically, InDesign. Luckily, during the spring semester I took an Intermediate Design class taught by Kathy Mueller and in this class, I got the chance to get a basic understanding of the practices used by production people and graphic designers before sending files to the printers.

The production team is currently at their busiest time so I have stepped in and have eased much of the tedious and time consuming work off of their back. I have assisted them in prepping entire catalogues that need to be sent out to translating agencies, getting files in the correct formats for web viewing, local printing for proofing, and doing final quality checks before items go out to the printers. During my time at Lorel I have realized that InDesign is a very important program. I had not appreciated what a key part of the design to final print process, InDesign is. Anyways, as of last week I have been working with the Sue, the Creative Director. I’ve also gotten to assist Rusty, one of the Art Directors at Lorel, and the photographers that were hired for the current product and model shoots taking place. Anyhow, check back in a few days because my next post will be all about what I have brought to the table assisting art directing and other creative work I may get.

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