Final Internship Thoughts

This is my final week interning at Skai Blue Media. Over the last couple of months I have found myself growing as a graphic designer and as a person. There have been many challenges following this internships, deadlines, edits, etc. It has taught me a lot about being in a busy business setting where things need to be done and close to perfect in a snap. That is something that you need to be thrown into in order to learn. Sure we have deadlines at school but they are not as harsh as in the business industry. Sometimes things will come up and need to be done within the hour. That is when you need to buckle down and learn how to think on your toes. It is an important skill to have and I am glad I have been forced to learn how to act quickly and thrive in a fast paced business setting. I definitely applaud all of the people in the office that I had the pleasure of working with because they are constantly busy, no matter what. There’s always something to do, always something coming up, and they handle themselves very well and always succeed in the end. I am so happy that I took this internship and got to meet the people that I did, and got to help them as much as I could. In the end that was all I wanted, I wanted to help them as much as they were helping me. I will miss working at Skai Blue Media but my experiences there will definitely push me to excel at my next internship or job! Below are some of my favorite pieces I have worked on here at Skai Blue:


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