The Second Half of my Internship.

After working heavily with Lessonsmith in the company Defined Clarity, I was asked to do sales with Defined Clarity. The task I was asked to do was still involving research, but it was a different type. Defined Clarity’s main seller was designing websites and finding companies that lacked good website navigation and design. Bruce, the boss of Defined Clarity, gave me a book of all companies in the greater Philadelphia area with their contact information, location, website, and company names. I was asked to search through a selected number of company websites and contact their CEO’s and marketing directors to inform them of our ability and attributes in creating better websites.

My goal from the head man down to me was to find at lease 5 to 10 CEO emails a day. Finding CEO emails was harder than finding teacher emails because not all websites for these companies were easily navigable and didn’t have links for this type of information. Most teacher’s email addresses were easily found because a lot of school websites had links for staff directories. I’ve gotten help from an employer I worked with in techniques to finding out email address for these CEO’s when it seems close to impossible by finding out the last part of email address and how each company designed their emails. Where that was a first initial followed by the last name or the whole first name followed by a period then last name, I’ve learned that all companies keep a similar style of email format.




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