Introductory Internship Post

Hello, I’m Tom McCann, and I am currently an intern for the clothing company John Varvatos. It is a high fashion company that tries to inject a rock and roll feel into all its looks. This is perhaps what attracted me most to the company. As an advertising major, I tend to analyze and critique most ads I see. John Varvatos campaigns always take famous rockers and dress them in beautiful clothing, then take pictures in exotic locales. The end result is quite alluring, and gets the purpose of the brand across quite well.

Unfortunately, the offices of John Varvatos are in Manhattan. Normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing, but because I live in South Jersey, the commute is extremely taxing. I spend about five hours a day driving and taking a train, which is exacerbated by the fact that I work every weekday. However, I enjoy my internship so much that this is only a minor detractor. It also has its perks too. For instance, when we send celebrities free products from forthcoming seasons in hopes they’ll be seen wearing them or tweeting about them, they don’t always make it to where they are supposed to. In this case, a pair of new John Varvatos Converse became mine after a a certain celebrity changed their address. Lucky, huh? Working in the Marketing and PR is quite exciting, even if it isn’t exactly advertising like I am studying. I’ll discuss more of what I do in a future post.

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