This week I was asked to create a campaign for the GoldFather, a cash for gold place around Baltimore area. I was eager to get started, so first thing I did was brain storm words that have the word Gold in it. I came up with the idea that a guy would come into the shop with strange things that aren’t gold but have the word in it. The first ad I wrote started off  with a guy walking into the store and upon being greeted he says he needs some quick cash for Gold and asks “how much can I get for this?” and then puts a clear bowl on the counter with a goldfish swimming in it. The guy behind the counter says “sir that is a gold fish…..not gold.” The guy enthusiastically says “playing hard ball huh? Ok well then how much can I get for these” and pulls out a bunch of flowers and holds them out as if he were giving them to him. The clerk then says ” Sir those are Marigolds… a flower….also NOT gold.” The guy is upset because he needs the money and says “what am I going to do now? I need cash for (insert special occasion)” and as he is speaking the camera zooms in slightly on his teeth and a gold tooth sparkles. The clerk smerks, and the final scene is the guy with a big smile missing his front tooth with a hand full of cash. I presented the idea to my head creative and she loved it. I was very happy that I’ll be able to add a commercial that is actually produced to my portfolio. This internship has helped me grow into a better creative copy writer and I’m sad to see it end so soon.

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