Hashtag Multimedia – Learning for the Future

My name is John  Favinger and have been working in the town of Narberth Pa. as an intern. At  Hashtag Multimedia, I found out that there is more to advertising then just coming up with print ads. I’m on the copywriting track for advertising and was only looking to create ads with interesting headlines and information. However, after working with Hashtag, I realized that there are many different aspects of the business that copywriting can take me. I’ve worked with blogs, social media content, press releases, emails, and dialogue for commercials. Writing takes part in every function of the company, which showed me how important my job will be when I’m out in the real world. I was challenged to come with creative and interesting styles of writing to get the audiences attention which I found was a lot harder than one would think. I feel much more comfortable now writing on a variety of topics, and am better prepared for my next internship.

I found that this business, as with all advertising businesses, is very personable. The company would go nowhere without having the connections made through person to person interactions. Becoming friends with clients not only helps the communication aspect, but also makes the whole process easier. The connections and meetings built today could benefit a company in the future. It is important to be a likable business, one that is easy to work with and trust. Hahstag has done well with building relationships with its clients and continues to gain new ones because of their attitude. I have learned a lot from them and have gained some valuable experience.



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