Skai Blue Media

When I started my search for internships, I thought that I knew exactly where I wanted to be working. I thought that I only wanted to get experience at ad agencies in particular and didn’t realize all of the other opportunities that could teach me so much. I started my internship at Skai Blue Media which is a full service PR agency where I act as their graphic design intern. Everyday that I work I have creative graphic projects to work on including invitations for events, posters, lower thirds for videos, banners for websites, fashion look books, logos, anything you can think of. For example above, I designed that email header for the fashion showroom upstairs. For some reason I did not think that I would be doing so many different things, and things that I really enjoy creating. I am proud of the work that I have done for the company and they really like all of my work as well. I am not only expanding my portfolio but am learning a lot about business and the industry. It is really important to not limit yourself to one specific field because you never know what might be right for you. I was ready to completely nix the idea of applying for a PR graphic design internship but I am very happy at my internship and am learning so much. I work in a very creative environment which is extremely helpful. I have found that being around people who are creative allows me to express myself freely and come up with better ideas than I thought I could!

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