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Hi all!

I’m Samantha Schatz (Sam) and I am about to start my fourth week of my internship in the creative department at Roska Healthcare Advertising.

Before going into this internship I seriously had no idea what to expect. I’m definitely way less experienced in advertising than anyone else in the department because I changed my major during spring 2011 and have completed all of my advertising requirements since then! (this internship is my last requirement before receiving my diploma)

I had no idea how to find an internship, what to expect, how it was going to work…etc etc. Lucky for me, the position pretty much fell into my lap. The creative director at Roska had met with a fellow student of mine I had worked on a project with and asked who had written the copy in one of his ads. After learning it was me, he contacted Dana to meet with me for an interview!

I landed the job as a copywriting intern and started on the 22nd of May. I work three days a week there and so far I love it. Roska’s a pharmaceutical ad agency which is totally different from any agency we may have learned about in class. (Okay, I’ll admit don’t even really know that much about normal ad agencies but I know that pharma is super different!)

After my first three days I think I had absorbed more knowledge than my four years at Temple! It takes a lot of time to learn about every aspect of the drugs we advertise: side effects, how they work, etc. I learn something new every day which is great. I haven’t done much writing, I do a lot of proofreading and referencing of already-written pieces. And now that I’ve started to see how other aspects of the agency work I might want to explore those in my career as well.

I think it’s great our ad program requires us to intern, because it gives you an experience and knowledge that a classroom can never quite give you.

I definitely think I want to remain in the advertising field, but I’m not sure if writing is for me, just because I’m not positive I’m good enough!

Hopefully once I’m finished with my internship I’ll have a better idea of what I actually want to do in the field.

Here are two pictures of the office, which is separated by client into teams.

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  1. Sam,

    I also interned at a Pharma ad agency (Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide). I was on the account side with account coordination. It is a little overwhelming because it is all very scientific. The challenges we face advertising for pharmaceuticals is way different than the challenges faced in the normal advertising world since we have to abide by so many rules and regulations. I learned so much working there and it was really cool to see things we learn at Temple being used in the real world!

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