Behind The Scenes Of The Radio World

decorating the office!

I have recently started an internship with Wired 96.5. I work under the on-air DJ Casey. I assist and help organize on-air activities, contribute to social media communications, keep up with general office duties as required, and even attend and operate special events. My favorite part so far was working at Wired Fest. It was very interesting seeing from an outside perspective how those watching the show act, rather than being one of them. It gave me a lot of laughs.

While I am at the station, I remain in the studio as Casey runs her on-air show. Being behind the scenes as the show takes place, I learned a lot about the way a radio stations really operates as opposed to what I previously thought. (But I’m going to keep those details a secret!)

Working and speaking with the DJ’s is a lot of fun because I get to experience many different personalities of both the on-air DJ and the off-air DJ. Seeing how everything operates, the tools the Dj’s use, and the people the DJ’s get to work with, makes me really want to pursue an advertising career within the music world. The people I have met and continue to meet inspire me to be more outgoing and confident when I speak. Also, I used to be one of those people who hated when my favorite underground musicians were on the radio because it would often change their image. However, now being behind the scenes and working with song requests and music editing, I have a greater appreciation for those on the radio and it makes me want to get all my favorite artists a chance on the radio.

So far this internship is a great learning experience, while also being a lot of fun. I am excited for what is left to come.

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