Thank God I Quit

My name is Andrew DuBoe and am currently working as an intern at JM&A.  This new internship has been everything that I had imagined it would be. I could have been done school 8 months ago if I had just stuck with my social media internship I had last fall. However, it was a miserable job. I sat at the computer screen on twitter and facebook and was expected to look up what was trending and post things like “did you know today is national eat a hoagie day? Join us at blah blah blah for a 15% off your hoagie purchase”. Every day was like that, it was a insult to my intelligence for one and an absolutely terrible experience. The second week in I decided to pursue a different internship and quit that one. That led me to a road block and I could not get one for months. Granted I wasn’t trying as hard as I could be  since I was already working all the time to pay all of my expenses.When I finally got it together I went to Baltimore to interview for the job and Ray Rice the running back from the Baltimore Raven was hanging out in the studio.  I got the internship in Baltimore at Jackson Marketing and Advertising it was a small agency but for some reason I just felt like I would learn so much and benefit from it more than I would at a larger agency where they filter interns in and out.  So far I have had the opportunity to create and write ads that are playing on radio and television right now and write copy for print ads that are filtering around baltimore area. However, my family lives in PA so no one in my family can see or hear them. I have also had the opportunity to attend networking events with open bar and buffets where I could have met my future boss since I received a lot of business cards. I’ve sat in on live television news reports and visited NBC studios to see previews for their 2012 fall line-up. They were trying to convince us why we should play our commercials on these certain programs. I have learned so much and been a part of so much at this agency and it has been so much more beneficial to my career than my last hellternship.

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