Learning to Wrangle

This semester I had a creative internship at Red Tettemer + Partners. It came as a total shock because I won the internship at a Philly Ad club event. Definitely go to some if you get the chance! I was beyond thrilled because I had visited the agency in the fall on an agency crawl and I immediately wanted to work for them. Their atmosphere and their culture is so fun and unique and the work they do is really impressive. Just this past year they did their first Super Bowl ad for Century 21.

Saddling Up

Because I was younger than the typical RT+P intern and had less experience, I was so nervous to get started. My first week was really overwhelming because I felt like I was behind the other interns and wasn’t sure that I could keep up with all the work. It didn’t take long before I started to get the hang of things and got to know everyone. Everyone in the agency has their own crazy personality and they make the office an amazing place to work. They made me feel at home right away.

On the Trail

After my second week at the ranch I started to get into the swing of things. I was given more jobs to complete and I was learning something new everyday. On my first day I got to work on something for Planet Fitness and I’ve worked on many other things along the way. Some of the things that creative interns work on are brainstorming and coming up with new ideas for campaigns and promotions, editing or working on creative production like ads and web design and helping to find images and content for creative to use. One of my favorite clients to work on was a non-profit arts program because the other interns and I got to create a new brochure and invites for a festival they run. We had a lot of creative freedom and we got to see our ideas made into real, tangible  pieces. Clients that I have worked on include Dial For Men, Under Armour, Planet Fitness, Maaco, The Melting Pot, Century 21 and Peach Street Distillers. Everyday you get to work on something different and exciting.

Riding On

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with this internship. It has been an amazing opportunity for me and has really shown me what I want and what I don’t. Going into the internship I had minimal experience with design and the programs used in design. I have learned so many invaluable things at the agency, not only more design skills but also more about myself. I would really like to try and pursue an education in graphic design as well as in advertising. Being at the agency everyday over the summer has really showed me that this is something that I love doing and something that I will continue to pursue. I am so excited to learn more and continuing on the path that I’m on.


Check out the agency and some of the amazing work that they’ve produced!




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