February 2013

TAC Guest Speaker: Josh Goldblum

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 2.57.27 PM

Join TAC this Monday, March 4th, to hear from Josh Goldblum, creative director of Bluecadet! Josh is the founder and creative director of Bluecadet, which specializes in multimedia experiences that excite, engage, and inspire. They build dynamic websites, installations, and mobile applications for universities, museums, nonprofits, and corporations. Their services are broken up into strategy, design, technology and continuing services such as: social media, training, email, measurement, and search. Bluecadet has been recognized for their outstanding work with numerous awards from 2008 to now.

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Grey Poupon Does it Again…

Grey Poupon Ad 1Last night during the Oscars, Kraft Foods brand aired the newest spin on the iconic “Pardon Me” commercial for Grey Poupon. The new spot, titled “Lost Footage,” plays off the same style, storyline, and characters of the original ad. The newest edition continues the story to show that the mustard borrower never, in fact, returned the precious mustard.

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Panera: Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.

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Panera Bread has recently launched a new campaign called “Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.” This clever campaign takes the viewer through a journey of images that describe the process of baking bread in Panera Bread bakeries. The company has created a commercial spot as well as an interactive web page that teaches the consumer more about the high-quality product as well as the company. The company positions itself as morally driven with high quality products. Panera pledges in the commercial to donate all leftover baked goods to local charities in order to give back to the community by feeding the hungry.

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One of the Guys

one of the guys


If you’ve been around campus, you’ve had to have seen this picture in an ad, for the web series “One of the Guys”, that is all over buildings, elevators, you name it. Turns out it has a pretty great story to go along with it. The concept of “One of the Guys” is that a straight man signs a lease for the spare room in an apartment that three gay men currently live in, none of which knew he was straight. It’s a clever twist on stereotypes to see if the guys can really accept this straight guy into their lives as just another “One of the guys”.

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My Experience at 102.9 WMGK (so far)

Tomorrow marks exactly one month since the start of my internship at 102.9 WMGK FM, a radio station owned by Greater Media here in Philadelphia.  I have been an avid listener of 102.9 for years, so needless to say, when I got the internship, I was thrilled, although I must admit I was a bit apprehensive as well.  My feelings of uncertainty stemmed from the fact that my internship would exist in the advertising sales department.  As I am studying to be a copywriter, I didn’t know if I would enjoy an internship in sales and thought I may struggle a bit taking on this position without any strong account management knowledge.  So far, I am happy to say that I really am enjoying my sales internship, and really haven’t struggled at all.  I am learning the more business-oriented and research sides of advertising that were obviously never the focus in my creative classes.  For instance, I have learned how to use big-name research databases such as Arbitron and Miller Kaplan to pull all kinds of research information for the station.  As an advertising major, I have been familiar with the names of these databases since freshman year, but never had the free reign to use them like I do here.  Even though I love copywriting and have no desire to become an advertising account manager or researcher, it has been interesting learning how to utilize these research program and see all of the various parameters by which advertising research can be conducted.

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The importance of being a jack of all trades


I am a senior advertising student at Temple interning at Skai Blue Media. My track in school is art direction and my internship is for graphic design. Skai Blue is a small PR firm located in Center City. There are 7 full-time employees and I believe 18 interns per semester. They have clients ranging from fashion designers to nonprofit organizations to large media companies. I have been interning there since the start of the Spring semester.

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Last semester Temple alum, Devon Moyer offered some advice in her article TED: Ideas Worth Spreading as she neared her graduation date to listen to TED talks on the way to class or whenever you have any free time to spark inspiration and keep you learning even when you’re not in school or doing homework. It was some great advice. Well, now TEDxTempleU is giving you the chance to actually attend a TED like talk here on our campus. TEDx is actually a local program that self-organizes events such as these to keep the ideas spreading. These TED like talks are designed to spread knowledge and inspiration throughout communities and spark conversations and dialogue among individuals. TEDx does seek some guidance from the TED conference, however TEDx is completely self-organized.

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Google vs. Facebook

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search


Facebook has created a new way to search that could quite possibly dethrone the king of search engines, Google Search. Facebook Graph Search goes beyond Facebook and onto the web where it searches for specific answers instead of various links that lead to those answers. Through the help of Bing, Facebook Graph Search will find web results as well as profile specific information when searching. The idea is that people will be able to look for their friends in various places and their information from Facebook Graph Search will be more personally relevant.

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Career Week Starts this Friday 2/15!

Career Center


The Career Center is being kind enough to provide us with another stacked Career Week! There are so many seminars, networking opportunities, and workshops available this week that you won’t want to miss out on all the great resources. It kicks off this Friday with Resumania where you can have your resume reviewed and critiqued by real employers! It continues next week with a Liberal Arts Career Panel, Is this SUITable, Networking Night, Internship Strategies, and closes with a Career Fair. All of these events are structured to make you as business ready as you can be for internships and job interviews! The schedule is in the flyer above and posted below for your convenience.

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Intern, Intern, Intern


In Advertising, students know that our internships are just as important as our education. Internships open us up to so many more opportunities than just going to class and reading our textbooks. Luckily, the Temple Advertising curriculum requires three credits of an internship. Does that mean you should take one internship and register as three credits? This gives you multiple options. You can break up the three credits and use one in three different semesters. So three different internships. Word of advice, three different internships is better than one! Or you can do what I did and use up all the three credits in one semester to even out your classes. Does that mean I only took one internship? Of course not! I did that to fit my schedule but I am now on my third internship and I could have done even more if I started right away.You don’t have to be a Junior or Senior to land an internship. If you seek it out and really sell yourself you can get it. I’ve have friends in my classes who started interning their summer after senior year because they went for it!

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Grammy Awards: Beauty and Fashion Ad Geeks Unite!


Red carpet pre-award show events have become almost more anticipated then the actual award shows they’re representing! These events just happen to be some of the biggest opportunities for beauty and fashion advertisers to grab the attention of fans looking to emulate their favorite stars. It’s a who’s who of the beauty and fashion industry and only the most creative and bold brands will make their statements on the red carpet!

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Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Scholarship Deadline 2/15


The School of Media and Communication offers various awards and scholarships throughout the year to students who show excellence in academics as well as to students who possess certain skills and attributes. You can apply for most awards during the Fall semester to be applied to your Spring and Summer semesters. However, the Lew Klein Excellence in the Media Scholarship is still up for grabs! The deadline for the award is next Friday, February 15th. SMC Scholarships are great ways to earn extra money towards your education. It’s a simple application process that can help you a lot in the end! More information on the application process is listed below. Good luck!

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BrandYourself: Take Control of Your Online Presence


When looking for a job today, one of the most important things to remember is you are a brand. We are in a time where students and graduates are constantly competing against other peers who have the same educational skills and experience, so how do we stand out? When businesses and hiring managers are busy getting piles of resumes and emails day by day, it’s our job to make it easier for them to find our brand first.

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Pocket: Save Now, Read Later

pocket anywhereAs students, multitasking is a vital skill for us to master. We need to juggle class, work, clubs, and maybe even a little social life. On top of all that, as students in the School of Media and Communications, we are expected to know what’s going on in the news and in media at all times. There are so many new trends and topics that we need to catch up on that sometimes we loose track. That’s where Pocket comes in to play. Pocket is an app for your computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone that is designed to help you save articles, videos, and really anything for later usage.Pocket

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Philly Ad Club Student Event: Step Up to the Job Genius Bar

Philly-Ad-Club-Logo1I hope as Philadelphia Advertising students you are all taking advantage of their student events! I have gone to a few throughout my undergraduate career and I have always walked away learning great ideas to apply to my studies and career pursuit. First off, I encourage you to become a Philly Ad Club member! As a Temple University advertising student you are offered a discounted rate of $10 for a year membership. That’s a steal for all the great opportunities and resources they lay out for you.

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Get Involved Get Ahead



A common piece of advice for a college student is get involved. Employers like to see extra curricular involvement on your resume to add to your work and educational experiences. However, getting involved can help you in more ways than you think. In particular, getting involved with career oriented clubs and organizations can do a lot to increase your chances of success both while in school and after graduation. This year I am the Vice President of Temple Ad Club and it has opened up a lot of opportunities for me within my major and within the Philadelphia advertising community.

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