Last semester Temple alum, Devon Moyer offered some advice in her article TED: Ideas Worth Spreading as she neared her graduation date to listen to TED talks on the way to class or whenever you have any free time to spark inspiration and keep you learning even when you’re not in school or doing homework. It was some great advice. Well, now TEDxTempleU is giving you the chance to actually attend a TED like talk here on our campus. TEDx is actually a local program that self-organizes events such as these to keep the ideas spreading. These TED like talks are designed to spread knowledge and inspiration throughout communities and spark conversations and dialogue among individuals. TEDx does seek some guidance from the TED conference, however TEDx is completely self-organized.

On April 20, 2013, TEDxTempleU will be hosting speakers, faculty members as well as student speakers from the College of Science and Technology, for a dialogue on the life of scientists and their investigation into the unknown, their excitement of uncertainty and the unexpected, as well as their continued hunt for new knowledge. On breaks, open dialogue and debate on the topics at hand are encouraged to make this event truly interactive and exciting. Tickets are only $15 for such a rewarding event! Even though this realm of study falls outside of our majors, it is still an amazing opportunity to learn something new and find inspiration in your new found knowledge. After all, as advertisers we are only as valuable as the knowledge we seek, so why limit ourselves to one study when we can become well rounded students of various disciplines?


Event info:

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time: 11AM – 3PM

Place: Howard Gittis Student Center, Temple University Main Campus


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