Grey Poupon Does it Again…

Grey Poupon Ad 1Last night during the Oscars, Kraft Foods brand aired the newest spin on the iconic “Pardon Me” commercial for Grey Poupon. The new spot, titled “Lost Footage,” plays off the same style, storyline, and characters of the original ad. The newest edition continues the story to show that the mustard borrower never, in fact, returned the precious mustard.

Who can blame them for trying to rekindle the excitement and humor that so many people were attracted to in the original advertisement 25 years ago? I mean, how exciting can mustard really be? But at the same time you don’t Charmin creating a Mr. Whipple spin-off, do you? Maybe I spoke too soon..

Sadly, if you didn’t see the spot, Sunday night was the only time that the commercial will be aired on TV, but the commercial, and the full campaign can be seen on their dedicated website,

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