Grammy Awards: Beauty and Fashion Ad Geeks Unite!


Red carpet pre-award show events have become almost more anticipated then the actual award shows they’re representing! These events just happen to be some of the biggest opportunities for beauty and fashion advertisers to grab the attention of fans looking to emulate their favorite stars. It’s a who’s who of the beauty and fashion industry and only the most creative and bold brands will make their statements on the red carpet!

It’s always been a great time for designers to get their names out. “Who’s wearing who?” is the most used phrase on the carpet and designers make sure to bring out their best pieces to get their name in the limelight. It’s the best form of advertising for designers to cash in on by decking out the public’s favorite artists in everything from their dress, to their ties, to their jewelry. form of advertising we see at these red carpets are sponsors. This year, Cover Girl did a great job by sponsoring all of the E! red carpet events in a very unique, attention grabbing way. They sponsored the Mani Cam, where stars showed off their cute manicures, and the 360, where the fashion police got to judge the full outfits of all the guests. The 360 was particularly smart for the Cover Girl name as they have a mascara line of 360, so that tied in well to their brand. Each Cover Girl sponsored item was showcased in about every other interview or in between, so it definitely made them stand out as the brand of this red carpet season.

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