Harlem Shake Keeps Going

Whether you love it or hate it, the new viral video trend that’s sweeping the world is the Harlem Shake. Groups of people from all over are remaking their own amateur versions hoping to get views and make the best Harlem Shake video on YouTube. College students, offices, news reporters, you name it, they’re doing it. It actually all started with the video above from comedian Filthy Frank and after it caught on, YouTube as we knew it changed into the land of Harlem Shake remakes. Who knew an old school dance would resurface as an internet sensation in 2013?

Now even advertising agencies are getting into the craze. Tons of agencies are competing against each other and other amateur contributors for the most YouTube views. Below are videos from TBWA/Paris as and Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

There have been a few to come of our very own Temple University. One that was filmed at the Bell Tower already has over 25K views in just one day. It’s one of the strangest internet crazes that I’ve ever seen. The Harlem Shake has been around for years and the song came out almost a year ago so this sudden connection is a marvel. It’s pretty amazing how one man’s idea can spread like wildfire with the help of social networking.


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