Taco Bell: Brand Bowl Winner 2013


Lovers of all things advertising tuned in for our biggest event of the year–the Brand Bowl (sometimes known as the Super Bowl). This years’ Brand Bowl was a little lacking in my opinion. To be honest, some of the commentary on AdFreak’s Twitter were more entertaining than the actual commercials being shown.

“@AdFreak: I never want to kiss anything again ever. #godaddy #adweekbowl#superbowlads

“@AdFreak: We hear if you get GOLDBLATT tattooed across your back, Taco Bell will give you a free medium soft drink. #TryIt #AdweekBowl#SuperBowlAds

“@AdFreak: Just a sec….learning where babies come from. #Kia #AdweekBowl#SuperBowlAds

Some of the commercials were either too bland or just plain ridiculous. Can someone please tell GoDaddy to just stop. There is no reason for them to still be putting out the same nonsense each year that is supposed to use stupid humor to entertain but does nothing more then make people’s Super Bowl appetites go away. Especially the ‘kiss’ spot this year that left viewers shouting their disgust via tweets and statuses.

In my opinion, the spot that stole the show was Taco Bell’s ‘Viva Young’. I actually saw this commercial on Taco Bell’s YouTube account about a week ago and knew it was going to shine. It’s hilarious, uses the elderly to get into the hearts of Americans, and is the same clever attitude that Taco Bell has been putting out with it’s new Live Mas campaign. It’s light-hearted, cute, and attention grabbing. They definitely hit the mark on this one. If you have been living under a rock and have yet to see it check it out below and let me know what you think!


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