Shopping for New Employees? Try Amazon!

As an advertising student I am always looking for new ways to showcase my unique   talent and work in sea of creatives so when I stumbled upon Philippe Dubost’s amazon-inspired resume’ page, I was intrigued. Philippe Dubost is a product manager from Paris, France who created a revolutionary way to sell himself to future employers. Dubost constructed a resume that fully functions as an Amazon page. Not only does his page integrate social media sites but it also has gone viral and attracted more than 1,000,000 visitors in just eight days. Dubost lists his skills and past experience just as you would list product features on a product. To hire Philippe you can literally just add him to your cart. This resume’ sold me in a matter of seconds so you could imagine how many employers it has already attracted. Creative ideas like Philippe’s are what keep the industry new and fresh!

Check it out yourself at:

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