Panera: Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.

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Panera Bread has recently launched a new campaign called “Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.” This clever campaign takes the viewer through a journey of images that describe the process of baking bread in Panera Bread bakeries. The company has created a commercial spot as well as an interactive web page that teaches the consumer more about the high-quality product as well as the company. The company positions itself as morally driven with high quality products. Panera pledges in the commercial to donate all leftover baked goods to local charities in order to give back to the community by feeding the hungry.

In a world where consumers and companies are becoming more and more ethically-aware, Panera took advantage of this trend and positioned themselves nicely in this well-designed campaign. No doubt will sales increase and attract new customers from the commercial alone, but Panera’s reach to help feed people in need will benefit more than their current customers.

To explore more about Panera’s new campaign check out:


  1. On another note regarding Panera’s current advertising campaign… they not only donate leftover baked goods and breads to local charities, but they have recently embarked on creating a new non-profit organization called “Panera Cares.” Currently, they have five Panera Cares locations open in the U.S. The idea is simple—pay what you can with the goal of each location being financially self-sustained. They do not have prices and require only that you pay what you can. If you can not pay at all, they have an option to volunteer for an hour and receive a free meal coupon.
    The idea is that some people pay more and some pay less, ultimately creating a location that gives back to the community while also providing their excellent sandwiches that they are known for. This is an interesting take on giving back to the community that will hopefully spread throughout the US. The opportunities are endless and this is an innovative way to try to combat hunger. Obviously these locations are working because they are opening more and so far have all been successful in being self-sustained.

    Just thought this was a nice addition to what you’ve already posted!

    Also here’s a link to a Ted Talks video that goes into a little more detail about Panera Cares :

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