BrandYourself: Take Control of Your Online Presence


When looking for a job today, one of the most important things to remember is you are a brand. We are in a time where students and graduates are constantly competing against other peers who have the same educational skills and experience, so how do we stand out? When businesses and hiring managers are busy getting piles of resumes and emails day by day, it’s our job to make it easier for them to find our brand first.

So what’s the easiest way for an employer, or really anyone, to figure out who you are? Google. If you haven’t thought about cleaning up your online presence in the past, you should start right now. Employers are always looking at what we post, what we like, and how we act online because we will be representative of their company if they hire us. After you clean up your profiles, how do you know if your name is even relevant in a Google search? Or will you be lost among the hundreds of other same named individuals out there in cyberspace?


For college students looking to brand themselves online, SEO companies and specialists are out of our price range, we are lucky enough to have BrandYourself. BrandYourself is a site that helps you make the most of your online brand presence. A free account with BrandYourself helps you control your online reputation, improve your Google results, and helps make sure that employers are finding the most accurate information that would help you land the job.

The whole process is really easy as well. You start by submitting your personal content via your social networks, websites, etc. Then BrandYourself uses simple tools that help search engines find your name and content. You can keep track of how your rankings in the search engine are rising and falling and who’s Googling or looking up your information online. It’s simple, free, and can only help your personal brand. Try it out!


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