Intern, Intern, Intern


In Advertising, students know that our internships are just as important as our education. Internships open us up to so many more opportunities than just going to class and reading our textbooks. Luckily, the Temple Advertising curriculum requires three credits of an internship. Does that mean you should take one internship and register as three credits? This gives you multiple options. You can break up the three credits and use one in three different semesters. So three different internships. Word of advice, three different internships is better than one! Or you can do what I did and use up all the three credits in one semester to even out your classes. Does that mean I only took one internship? Of course not! I did that to fit my schedule but I am now on my third internship and I could have done even more if I started right away.You don’t have to be a Junior or Senior to land an internship. If you seek it out and really sell yourself you can get it. I’ve have friends in my classes who started interning their summer after senior year because they went for it!

Having multiple internships is incredibly beneficial. First of all, you get to learn different areas in the industry if you want to feel out where you belong. If you know what you want to do, try it out at different companies! Try out small agencies, big agencies, in house agencies, anything. You really get to figure out where you want to aspire to when you graduate. Not to mention the contacts you’ll gain at your various internships. Stretching out your name to multiple companies just adds on to the list of employers you can contact for advice or jobs once you leave Temple. But that doesn’t mean just start working everywhere you can! Make sure you know who you want to work for, and who knows maybe you’ll find a place where you fit so well that you’ll continue interning there throughout your college career and ultimately land the job.

So where should you look for internships? First, make sure you are subscribed to the Advertising listserv, which you should be if you are in the curriculum. Dana sends out every internship opening she comes across. If you aren’t subscribed for any reason, contact the Advertising Department and they will get you signed up. There are also other places you can look. Philly Ad Club has their own job listings section on their website where great agencies in Philly post both internship and job openings. Also, use the Owl Network! Jobs across all industries are listed here so you can find some great internships if you tailor the search for Advertising. Don’t stop at job listings. If you know you really want to intern with an agency and don’t see them listed or any information on their website, email the HR manager. Introduce yourself and note you are interested in the company for maybe an internship opening or even and informational interview to come in and learn about what the company has to offer and what they’re up to (great networking opportunity for future jobs/internships!). Philadelphia is an amazing city and the advertising opportunities are out there so go get them.

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