Pocket: Save Now, Read Later

pocket anywhereAs students, multitasking is a vital skill for us to master. We need to juggle class, work, clubs, and maybe even a little social life. On top of all that, as students in the School of Media and Communications, we are expected to know what’s going on in the news and in media at all times. There are so many new trends and topics that we need to catch up on that sometimes we loose track. That’s where Pocket comes in to play. Pocket is an app for your computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone that is designed to help you save articles, videos, and really anything for later usage.Pocket

Let’s say you’re browsing around on the web for a class assignment and happen to come across other articles that you want to read later when you have time, or that you want to keep for another class. You just click the pocket tab on your browser and those articles are sent to your pocket. Your pocket is then conveniently organized, on a simple and easy to use interface, into articles, videos, images, etc. It’s a genius idea and a great branding strategy. You want something later? Put it in your pocket. Now with this simple app, you can continue your daily multitasking and always know whats new in media, news, and of course advertising.


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