One of the Guys

one of the guys


If you’ve been around campus, you’ve had to have seen this picture in an ad, for the web series “One of the Guys”, that is all over buildings, elevators, you name it. Turns out it has a pretty great story to go along with it. The concept of “One of the Guys” is that a straight man signs a lease for the spare room in an apartment that three gay men currently live in, none of which knew he was straight. It’s a clever twist on stereotypes to see if the guys can really accept this straight guy into their lives as just another “One of the guys”.

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Ms. Brown is Coming!

Super Bowl 2012

So this Sunday is THE day when we get to see the Super Bowl XLVI. When the Super Bowl comes near we know the best advertisements of the year will be making it’s appearance. If you look at Adweek, you can see the previews for some of the commercials that will be appearing. (Let me just say, it’s very interesting and funny so go check it out!)

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Fancy Feast~ Will You Marry Us?

I’m in my final semester at Temple and on more than one occasion I’ve heard people say that they’ve learned more in this last semester than all the others combined. I don’t agree completely, but I understand where they’re coming from to an extent. I see things differently now after hearing so many perspectives on the industry, on what makes a good campaign, and on what motivates people. Campaigns and portfolio (ad courses) really get to the root of building a case for branding and execution.

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Kia: Korean or other Wie’s?

In the couple of weeks leading up to spring break, I was given the task of repositioning Kia for a portfolio (class) assignment. We first had to write a letter selling our idea (to the CEO… professor) and then follow that up with some print executions. I think the only rule is that we weren’t allowed to position on price– someone else can always undercut so it’s not a true position.

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Soda’s So Stylish

The soda and beer industry are using a variety of new methods to promote their low-cal variations of beverages. Two “cans” that stand out especially are Michelob Ultra, and the newest 10-calorie Dr Pepper TEN. Michelob, known as one of the lowest calorie beers on the market, now has cans that are tall and thin, as opposed to the standard stout, cylinder cans we have all always known. This method of advertising is subtle and clever, as it implies skinniness without having to say it; it is recognized every time someone picks up the can to take a sip.

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Art & Copy: An Independent Lens

I watched something cool on PBS recently, that I think everyone will find to be very interesting! Check out “Art & Copy: An Independent Lens.” It’s an extremely interesting documentary about Advertising in which you “find out how they [the major faces in advertising] changed the way we see, feel, dream, buy. The story behind the real mad men and women; where they came from and where they’re taking us.” This film will be of especial interest to those of you who are communications majors, AND even those individuals who have nothing to do with advertising, but want to watch a really awesome documentary! Watch the trailer for the film here!
Cool reference: Advertising is poison gas–it should cheer you up, choke you, give you the chills, and maybe make you pass out when you watch it.
As an individual of the creative field, I can identify with this concept quoted from the film:
“The thing about being a creative person, is that you can’t necessarily explain where your thoughts came from then, nor can you predict where they are going to come from tomorrow.”

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Starring Eminem: Super Bowl Ads 2011

This super bowl series of commercials was filled with themes of violence, nostalgia, references to the actual making of a commercial (within a commercial), the havock that may ensue while house-sitting, and…. Eminem? The rapper’s first appearance came in the form of a half-cartoon-character version of Eminem, starring in a Brisk commercial. The next ad in which Eminem starred was Chrysler’s “Motor City” spot. Unfortunately for Chrysler, the angry character figure of Eminem from Brisk who appeared first in the series of ads ended the commercial furiously screaming “SEE?! THIS IS WHY I DON’T DO COMMERCIALS!”… And then a few minutes later, took on the serious role of a rapper from Detroit for Chrysler.

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Honest to Goodness Lunches May be Too Honest

“Honest to Goodness” is a new campaign from Healthy Choice. It demands more attention than the previous campaign with Julia Louis Dreyfus. It’s easier to sell an idea with unknowns than it is with a celebrity. What about people who don’t care for a particular celebrity? It creates an instant disconnect from the product. There’s no prior expectation with unknown actors. That’s not to say that celebrities don’t help, but the product should bare most of the liability. It should be able to stand on it’s own.

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