Honest to Goodness Lunches May be Too Honest

“Honest to Goodness” is a new campaign from Healthy Choice. It demands more attention than the previous campaign with Julia Louis Dreyfus. It’s easier to sell an idea with unknowns than it is with a celebrity. What about people who don’t care for a particular celebrity? It creates an instant disconnect from the product. There’s no prior expectation with unknown actors. That’s not to say that celebrities don’t help, but the product should bare most of the liability. It should be able to stand on it’s own.

What grabbed my attention was the honesty of course. In an environment where most people “go along to get along” it’s interesting to see another spin on office dialogue. It’s like a mesh of The Office (TV show) and The Invention of Lying (movie). The settings and actors are pretty much nondescript. I’d say that it’s the copy writers who shine in these spots (if that’s possible). “I hate how much you’re loving that. I love how much you’re hating this.”

I’ve had a similar scenario happen to me. I went to mall with some friends years ago and each of us ordered from Burger King. I was very particular about my Whopper unlike my friends. I always eat my burger last and I take my time with the fries (1-by-1). One of my friends enjoyed his burger a lot more than usual. He was just loving it. I think you know by now that he got my burger and I got his with everything on it. After a good laugh he starts eating in slow motion savoring each bite. I really hated that, but it was so funny. Just like in this spot, he’s already eating it. What are you gonna do?

Here’s another Honest to Goodness spot.

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