This is a very clever ad. There’s an underlying assumption that might go right over people’s heads. The “officer” is quite possibly highway patrol. What’s given is that he’s admiring the bikes– not necessarily that he’s thinking they’ve committed a crime (or whatever). What can easily be missed is that highway patrol officers often ride bikes too. He was living vicariously! Their bikes are better than his and he would rather be riding than babysitting a chain gang. Well, he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore then does he? Also, the vignette effect is great.

What’s clever is the alcohol reference. It’s a play on the classic line, “look, but don’t stare.” Some guys (girls too) are more obvious than others, but as we get more alcohol in our system we lose our reservations about staring. It can be taken in at least 2 ways. Either the bikes are sexy, or gawking can lead to trouble. The former is very subtle.