I thought this “Smart Ideas” campaign was pretty clever. Peco (Philadelphia Electric Company) is a locally based utilities company. I really can’t remember seeing any other spots from Peco. This might be its first campaign that’s actually something other than strictly benefits. “Here’s what we can do for you…” only goes so far. Now that it’s begun, I hope Peco can keep it up. I’ll definitely remember the energy monsters. It’s sort of like one of those pictures captioned “which one of these things doesn’t belong,” but in reverse.

The call to action is great. I wonder if people really took advantage of it. It’s hard to unload large appliances. They actually offer to pick them up and pay for them. What’s not to like about that given the consumer is getting a replacement. I’m not sure if they’ll still honor the offer for people who are just moving out, but if it were me I’d still give it a try. The refrigerator spot is the best hands down.