Fancy Feast~ Will You Marry Us?

I’m in my final semester at Temple and on more than one occasion I’ve heard people say that they’ve learned more in this last semester than all the others combined. I don’t agree completely, but I understand where they’re coming from to an extent. I see things differently now after hearing so many perspectives on the industry, on what makes a good campaign, and on what motivates people. Campaigns and portfolio (ad courses) really get to the root of building a case for branding and execution.

Function or emotion? Fact or fiction? In regards to its targets, Fancy Feast serves up something for everyone. It’s an escape to the “cat lady” who longs for human companionship. It’s an opportunity for a man to flex his ingenuity and his romanticism. And most importantly, this spot will help kitties from all over get foodie in the tummy. It tells a great story without saying a word and there’s so much more that can be said. If it had been any “extra” it might come off as cheesy.

Overall, the emotion is security… not security from something, but security in something. It’s easy to overlook that duality. The function lies in being secure from loneliness (via the cat), but the emotion is all about being in a secure relationship. That’s the steak and potato medley all in one bite. Also, from a man’s perspective, this guy may have gone the extra mile because he received her father’s blessing. I think that’s a powerful underlying assumption.

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