I’ve been keeping an eye on Honda’s Mr. Opportunity all summer. He wasn’t even on my radar until this opera spot.

I thought it was a great use of a cartoon. Usually cartoons do things that normal people can’t do. I discussed personification in my last post about Geico. The same concepts still apply. It’s an extraordinary talent to be able to sing like that. Mr. Opportunity can get away with it because he’s John Doe Everyman otherwise. He dances in the club, receives paparazzi treatment, and brings home nice looking women. That’s not true of every man, but it’s what many men aspire to do. I think he’s suffering the same ailments as the caveman. He’s a person by default and for him to stand out he has to be more than what he is. The new spot where he keeps interrupting the Honda salesman is lame. Knock it off!